UrbanEars Announces Fall/Winter 2016 Color Collection

UrbanEars is making headphones stylish – well, not that there aren’t plenty of stylish headphones out there. The brand is focused on making headphones more of a fashion accessory, releasing new editions each season and designing them in line with other fashion trends.

Recently, the company announced a fall/winter 2016 range with three new colors that are perfect for fall and winter outfits.

The company is based in Stockholm, Sweden, and they explain on their website that they are committed to making headphones fit your everyday lift – creating listening devices that match your style. They care so much about style that they have a ‘color cycle’, whereby the company changes its colors around all year round, as well as offering five mainstay shades – including Tomato, White, Indigo, Dark Grey and Black. On top of that, they add six new seasonal colors every year, with three for fall and winter and three for spring and summer.


Some colors will appear only once, and some colors might keep popping up year after year. So, what’s coming for fall/winter 2016?

Snow Blue


The snow blue color is really nice. It’s colder than cold, UrbanEars says. It’s an icy blue that reflects the season really nicely and it’s available on UrbanEar in-ear headphones, escaping the usual black and dark grey offerings from their competitors. It’s hard not to enjoy this sweet color.

Power Pink

Powder Pink headphones are going to be all the rage this winter, if UrbanEars has anything to do with it! The powder pink shade is really cute, and it’s not too ‘in your face’. The pastel/powder color will go great with lots of other colors, and it’s neither too warm or too cold.

Nougat Beige

This is the most exciting color out of them all, we think. The Nougat Beige shade makes it look like your headphones are made of delicious fudge, nougat or toffee.

The headphones look really comfy too. No matter which one you choose, they will go great with your autumn wardrobe.