Michael Phelps Covers Beats Logo During Rio 2016 Games

Michael Phelps is known for wearing headphones at the Olympics. When he spoke to The Guardian in 2005, Phelps explained that he has walked out to race with his headphones on throughout his whole career, listening to music right until the last possible moment before the race begins. And, during yesterday’s games, he did the same. This time, he was spotted wearing a pair of Beats headphones, but who knows what he was listening to!

Michael Phelps Covers Beats Logo During Rio 2016 Games
Michael Phelps covers Beats logo in Rio –  Image Credit: Business Insider


Right before the race began in Rio, Phelps was seen wearing Beats despite his usual choice being Sol Republic – which he was seen sporting back during the London 2012 games. His choice back then was probably based on the fact that Sol Republic had released their own line of headphones inspired by Phelps.

Viewers noticed something funny about his Beats headphones this year, though – it appeared as though he had been forced to cover up the logo as a result of TV cameras being on the famous swimmer. This is pretty commonplace and he’s had to do it previously – and, while it’s evident that Phelps did his best by putting stickers over the beats logos on either side, he completely forgot about the logo on the top. Whoops!

Phelp’s son was also in on the action this Sunday during the Rio games. Though he’s only tiny, he was seen wearing noise-cancelling headphones as he napped in the stands in his mom’s arms. Nicole Johnson is seen in lots of Instagram photographs on Instagram and Twitter holding the adorable little baby in patriotic outfits.

If you want to experience the Beats world, the company has just released a Beats Unity color-way to celebrate unity during the Olympic games. you should be sure to take a look at the amazing new Studio Wireless headphones from the company, which offer Bluetooth connectivity with any device within a 30-foot range. You can enjoy the dual-mode adaptive noise cancelling options making them ideal for listening in noisy environments – and, they even fold up so you can stick them in your bag. Perfect for athletes!