World First: Woo Audio Releases Battery-Operated Vacuum Headphone Amplifier

For true audiophiles, this world first is pretty exciting. Woo Audio has created the WA8 Eclipse – the very first battery-operated vacuum tube headphone amplifier, offering clearer, louder and more detailed sounds from your regular headphones.

The handheld device features a SET Class-A transformer that offers transparent and impressive sound quality. It also has quite a large power output, meaning the Eclipse device is capable of working smoothly with high-quality headphones that have impedance of 8-600ohm.

This is no hybrid device, either. It has an all-tube design, and the four hours of battery playtime from its 3,400mAh is quite impressive. The LED indicators make it easy to control, and it’s surprisingly compact, weighing around 2.4lbs.

World First: Woo Audio Releases Battery-Operated Vacuum Headphone Amplifier

The digital USB input (USB 4) as well as traditional analog input means you can operate the device with a multitude of headphones and earphones, making your dynamic sound systems clearer. Whether you’re using an iPod, phone, computer or sound system, Woo Audio’s offering will offer an advanced hi-res sound.

What’s in the box?

Well, inside, you’ll get a USB 2.0 cable for charging, as well as a driver for Windows Vista/XP/7/8 and 10. USB Audio Class 2.0 is also supported natively in all Apple OS X versions above 10.6.4, making this super easy to use no matter what kind of computer system you use.

You also get a Pelican protection hard case, meaning you can keep your amplifier in top condition with minimal effort. If you want to protect it in a more stylish way, though, there is an optional premium leather travel case, meaning you can quickly put the amplifier into your bags and not worry about it getting damaged during a trip.

Apple fans might also enjoy the MacBook-esque color scheme. There are three colors available, including black, space gray and cold – you’ll be able to find the device that suits your computer and style. The only thing you’ll need is a big wallet as the WA8 Eclipse is a bit pricey at $1800.