Jabra Elite Sport is the First ‘True’ Wireless Earbuds with PerformTek

The new Jabra Elite Sport wireless earbuds are pretty amazing, particularly if you’re a fitness freak. The truly wireless earbuds are designed to fit perfectly inside your ear, staying perfectly in place when you’re running and exercising.

As well as allowing you to listen to the music on your phone, you get in-ear audio coaching. So instead of hiring a personal trainer, you’ll have a voice in your ear giving you real time information about your work out, helping you decide what to do next and when you’ve achieved your goal.

Thanks to their waterproof design and three-year warranty against failure, you can get as wet or sweaty as usual and never have to worry about damaging the earbuds.


So what about the biometric PerformTek technology? Well, basically it allows you to measure your heart rate, speed, distance travelled, cadence and other biometrics that can really help you improve your workout. By taking the tech away from your phone or extra wristbands and smartwatches, you can enjoy your workout with nothing more complex than a pair of headphones. These are the second product manufactured by Jabra to include the technology, and the company is excited about setting itself apart from the rest of the wireless earbud competition.

Dr Steven LeBoeuf, the President and Co-Founder of Valencell, commented on the state of the market and the Jabra release:

“We are starting to see more wireless earbuds on the market as part of a larger trend to provide end-users with wearables and hearables in form factors that fit their lifestyles…But the most interesting consumer use cases in sports and fitness require high accuracy for biometric sensing. And as form factors get smaller, it is critical to ensure that these devices provide accurate and continually interesting health insights. Valencell is continuing to innovate in biometrics for wearables and hearables by providing market leaders like Jabra with the most accurate and flexible biometric sensor technology in the world, enabling them to deliver hearables with the accuracy needed to deliver a compelling consumer experience.”


The earbuds will last for up to three hours of music or talk time, and another 6 hours can be utilized thanks to the charging case, which allows you to quickly boost their battery so you can put them back to good use. They connect with your Android or iOS device effortlessly, and all your fitness data is sent directly to your smartphone where you can examine it.

We’re pretty pumped about these new earbuds. The sound quality is great, and the fitness features are the cherry on the cake – and all for $249.99!

[Via PR NewsWire]