Who Needs a Pillow When You Can Sleep on These Cushy Headphones


If you’re one of those people who can’t sleep without relaxing noises or music, then you’ll know the struggle of trying to fall asleep at night with headphones on. Most headphones are designed specifically for outdoor or active use, but when you try and relax with them on, you find yourself struggling to get in any kind of position that’s even reasonably comfortable.

That has all changed! Whether you’re relaxing on a plane or just napping at home, the can deliver personal sound and help you get to sleep. Put on your favorite night time albums, listen to binaural audio as you sleep or just chill on the sofa watching videos without playing the audio out loud.

The headphones will set you back around $65, but you might be surprised at just how good the sound quality can be. The headphones are made with a pretty traditional design, except that they wrap around your neck with special padding, allowing you to lie down or lie back in your chair without any discomfort.

The headphones connect to any personal device through a regular 3.5mm connection, and you can buy them in three awesome colors, meaning you’ll be able to find one suitable for you and your loved ones. Coming in green, yellow and pink, there’s one for mom, dad, daughter and son, and they even include a microphone so you can pick up the phone and talk even when you’re relaxing.

The cushion is made of a blend opf polyethylene, polyester and nylon, meaning they’re comfortable on the skin, and they weight around 8oz, meaning they’re not too heavy to travel with, either. The instructions come in Japanese but don’t worry about that, they’re self-explanatory!