R.E.M.’s ‘Out of Time’ Reissue Celebrates 25th Anniversary

R.E.M. has announced a reissue of their 1991 classic album Out of Time to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the release. The new reissue will be officially released on the 18th November through Concord Bicycle, and it comes with a few options.

There will be a 2-CD album reissue, along with a 3-LP set for those who are stuck in the 70s, and an extra deluxe 4-disc set that contains all the classic tracks along with remastered versions of the songs, demos of some of the classic tracks and even a few B sides taken from their back catalogue.

The 4-disc deluxe set is particularly special, offering a never-heard-before live recording of their Mountain Stage show in 1991, and the Blu-Ray disc also offers a high resolution audio version of the entire album and all its music videos, complete with 5.1 Surround Sound. There is even a collection of performance and studio footage collected into a film called ‘Time Piece’ packed on the Blu-Ray video, making this a must-buy for any R.E.M. super fan.

If that wasn’t enough, extra liner notes by Annie Zaleski come with the reissue album, along with interviews with all members of the band, along with producers John Keane and Scott Litt. It’s really packed, and the team behind it have gone all out to celebrate the album’s quarter-century birthday.

Out of Time is easily one of the most memorable albums from R.E.M., and the anniversary release could see classic tracks like Half a World Away and Losing My Religion come back in the charts – or at least being played on Spotify accounts across the world.

We’re pumped for R.E.M.’s latest release, but we’re torn on what part of the release we are anticipating most.

What song are you most looking forward to?