Harman Kardon ONYX Mini is as Beautiful as the Original

Harman Kardon has just announced a new mini Bluetooth version of the Onyx. This new petite version of the speaker is designed not just to be portable, but to offer some of the highest quality sound output on the market. Those looking for great sound in a small package will be surprised at just how attractive their latest design is. It’s elegant, simple and classic, with a circular design and simple stand that allows it to stand up.

The new speaker is packed full of features, too – it wirelessly connects not just with phones, tablets and computers, but it can wirelessly hook up to other Harman Kardon speakers with Dual Sound features, allowing you to double your listening experience. Up to three devices can also be hooked up to the device at any one time, allowing you to seamlessly switch what media you play.

onyxMiniRedInside the speaker is a battery that offers 10 hours of continuous listening, but you can always hook it up to the mains and listen for as long as you like!

The built-in microphone means you can even enjoy loud speaker conversations through your phone. The microphone is pretty amazing for calls actually – it has noise-cancellation built in, so you may even get better sound than if you were to simply be talking on your phone as normal.

The head of portables for Harman, Andy Tsui, commented on their new release:

“Harman Kardon is committed to producing elegant products with beautiful sound, ensuring the audio experience is elevated to perfection for all listeners…We are pleased to announce the arrival of the newest Harman Kardon speaker. The Onyx Mini is a perfect addition to any room in the modern home with its wireless portability and its iconic modern style.”

Personally a big fan of the much larger Onyx, I’m actually quite excited to see it’s rebirth in this smaller form-factor. The original, larger Onyx sounds as good as it looks, so I will be very curious to see how this smaller version stacks up. The Onyx Mini will be available in late September and will come in a variety of colors that include black, blue, red, and gray, and white. The retail price will be $199.95.