ECOXGEAR Releases Amazing New Portable Party Speaker

The summer’s not over yet! We still have weeks left to enjoy summer parties, and if you don’t already have your party speaker sorted, the new offering from ECOXGEAR might just be right for you.


The company has just released a brand new massive (but portable) waterproof party speaker that’s ideal for partying at the beach, on fields or…well, anywhere you like.

The company’s new speaker is called the EcoBoulder, and it’s designed to be a modern day boom box. It has 100 watts of power, a full range, 8” speaker and an 8” passive woofer. This puts out some serious sound, making it ideal as a PA system or general speaker at parties, concerts and gigs.

Not only is it big enough to be powerful and small enough to take with you, it’s designed to be completely submersible, with a UV protected housing. This thing even floats, meaning it’ll never get lost and it’s ideal for a pool party.

The ingenuity and design of this thing is really striking, making it a fantastic addition to ECOXGEAR’s line up. If you host regular parties during the summer, you really can’t go wrong with this new piece of kit. Not only can it float in the pool with you and your guests, the UV coating means it’s protected from the sun – and, its durable casing means it’ll last for years, even with regular use.

Naturally, the speaker connects with smartphones and tablets through Bluetooth, like most modern speakers – while maintaining high quality sound. Greg Fadul, the CEO of ECOXGEAR, recently said:

“We engineered EcoBoulder to pump up any outdoor gathering in an easy and user-friendly fashion. Our customers range from traditional outdoor enthusiasts such as campers to everyday consumers who tailgate. It even works perfectly as a job site speaker and radio. EcoBoulder caters to all of their needs and delivers powerful sound made for open-air entertaining. Designing such a large speaker to sound great and be 100% waterproof and submersible was a formidable task. Like the entire line of ECOXGEAR products, we engineer them to be by your side during all of life’s adventures – no matter how extreme.”

This speaker will be the envy of all your audiophile friends – and even those who don’t particularly care will just be impressed that the thing floats. It floats!