Sonos Introduces ‘SoundCloud Go’ Integration

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SoundCloud has announced that all the features people love about SoundCloud Go – including an expanded catalogue and no interruptions between tracks – are now available on Sonos smart home speaker systems. By integrating this online music service, SoundCloud and Sonos have created a system for people to enjoy SoundCloud original tracks, interviews, podcasts and more on their high quality home speaker systems. It’s even ideal for commercial operations.

SoundCloud Go is a subscription service offering unlimited access to more than 125 million tracks, from artists signed to some of the biggest labels on earth (including Sony, Universal, Merlin and others), as well as unsigned and up-and-coming artists using SoundCloud to get their music out there.

The integration with Sonos home systems is pretty unique. Other music services have not integrated their service to this level, making this quite an impressive move. This could be the klick that SoundCloud Go needs to really take on the big players, like Spotify and Apple Music.

At RawVolume, we’re a big fan of what SoundCloud is doing. As music lovers, we think it’s great that people are given the opportunity to get their music out to the world and be given the chance to grow their brand. Sonos might not realize it, but their work with SoundCloud means that they’re giving up-and-coming musicians a real chance, and putting their music in the hands of more people than ever before.

If you’re interested in experiencing SoundCloud Go, all you need to do is get yourself a Sonos home speaker system. Their websitehelps you find the right Sonos product for you, and you’ll love the quality of everything they produce. They really are one of the best speaker manufacturers around.