Pyle Audio Tries Something New with Doggy Fun, a Dog Ball Launcher

Pyle Audio Tries Something Different with Doggy Fun, a Dog Ball Launcher

Dog owners rejoice – your pet can now entertain itself when you’re cooking and working! Pyle Audio has released the Doggy Fun, an automatic ball launcher with a ball return bin that’s ideal for training pets and letting them have some fun when you’re busy. It might seem like an odd move for an audio company to stretch into the realm of pet training, but hey, we love it!

The new Doggy Fun uses a small ball – 1.5 inches in diameter – that’s the perfect size for small and medium dogs. The soft tennis ball is exactly the kind of ball that dogs love to play with, and all they need to do to enjoy catching it is to pick it up and drop it back into the machine. The Doggy Fun then automatically shoots the ball out into the air.

So your dog doesn’t get bored – or so you don’t damage the furniture inside your house – there are settings that allow you to launch the ball in distances of 10, 20 and 30 feet.

The President of Pyle Audio, Abe Brach, also spoke about the new device and their move from audio to a pet product. Brach explained:

“We developed this product for all the busy pet owners that wanted their dogs to have more play time but could not make it happen. We wanted to keep dogs active and entertained, even when alone.”

We think that’s a pretty noble move, and one that could cheer up dogs that are bored in the day time! Let’s not forget about our canine friends.

And, let’s not forget about Pyle Audio. The company has been manufacturing some pretty amazing audio products over the last 40 years, with Pro speakers, car audio system and their Pyle Home range. The Doggy Fun is available online at Pyle or at Amazon.