The Already Gorgeous Bowers & Wilkins Zeppelin Wireless Now in White

When it comes to chic and luxurious speakers, Bowers & Wilkins has certainly corned the market and they are continuing to do so by updating their Zeppelin Wireless speaker by giving it a fresh and contemporary new look.

Last year the Zeppelin Wireless was a huge success. So why not build upon that critical acclaim with bringing the spotlight back to the wireless speaker with a fresh coat of paint. The Zeppelin Wireless in white is designed to appeal to purists and combined with the Zeppelin’s unique design, it truly displays as modern art piece with the undeniable sound Bowers & Wilkins brings.

Zeppelin Wireless White

The Zeppelin Wireless white is still equal to the original and is fitted with five drive units and features two Double Dome tweeters, and two-midrange drivers which benefit from FST technology. The larger 6.5” subwoofer with ultra-long voice coil allows deep bass to be played at high volumes without getting any distortion or feedback.

Zeppelin Wireless White

A striking looking piece of audio equipment, the Zeppelin Wireless white commands an audience to glare at its contours. Where many wireless speakers may not fit in with modern decors or look more like bulky odd addition to the room, the Zeppelin Wireless white could easily sit on a bookshelf or in a museum while creating an atmosphere of music that simply washes over you. The Zeppelin Wireless white will be available August and priced at $699.99 each.