Shred Your Lunch Like a Rock Star with the Guitar Case Lunch Box

The Guitar Case Lunch Box from Suck UK is pretty damn cool. This is a classic tin lunch box – not a plastic box that will quickly become battered, tired and ruined. It’s one of the coolest gifts you can buy for your friend, loved ones or even yourself.

The lunch box is shaped just like a guitar case, giving you plenty of room for your sandwiches, fruit and a drink. The curves make it ideal for storing apples and bananas, and it’s surprisingly spacy. The best bit about the lunch box comes in the form of customization, however.

This neat little box looks just like a classic guitar case, complete with handle and clasps, and the outside can be customized with all your favorite band stickers. Get 10 stickers in the official pack you receive with your lunch box, or add your own stickers from your fruit to prove you’re getting your five a day!


This is a really simple idea but something that’s taking off quite quickly. The design is classic, and perfect for young and budding musicians who want to head to school or out on a day of adventure with the coolest lunch box. The stickers also encourage children to eat their fruit, recording the ones that they ate on the front of the case to make sure that their parents know they’re eating!

Take a look for yourself. It’s popular with young people but it’s an ideal gift for anyone of any age! The Guitar Case Lunch box is available on Amazon for $16.