Two Guys Made the Best Ever Daft Punk Helmet Replica

Daft Punk helmets are pretty notorious, and we’ve all seen the custom helmets people have made to try and mimic the real thing – but finally, someone has mastered it. Love Props, a company that creates props for film makers, has developed their own Daft Punk helmet that’s even better than the real ones.

The prop-making pair have taken influence from the Discovery-era design, as well as the RAM look, to create a fully functional model that not only looks cooler than the real thing, but has more features. In the helmet visor, there’s an LED display, creating light shows from the front – and this display can even be connected to a computer through a USB connection to install new light animations that react to the sound of music. Users can change the timing, colors and brightness of all the LEDs in the screen, and it doesn’t require any complicated coding.

By analysing the beat of music through an algorithm, this helmet will react to any music that it hears, which is seriously cool. You can see how it works in the video they recently produced.

With Wi-Fi built in, motion audio interaction technology, over 200 RGB LED lights and a super sleek finish, this is something that any Daft Punk fan is going to want to own. It’s ideal not just for lovers of the band, though – DJs can use the helmet to add a new dimension to their performance, with the beat algorithm reacting to music they create in real time. The only trouble? It’s one of a kind.

Who knows…maybe Daft Punk will hit up Love Props to help them develop their new helmets. We think that’s a great idea.

Cindy Heriyanto

Staff Writer

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